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Day 15: Climbing Marvid and Arctic Guinea

On the col

Approaching the narrow section

The narrow section

Don't look down!

The summit of Marvid

Julia on the top

Blue skies coming!

Julia and Al

Descending from Marvid

Blue skies getting closer

Arctic Guinea from the col

Gillian and Julia head down

Amazing light

Black and gold

Saven shadows

On the summit

Mark and Peter on the final ridge





Looking towards D2 and Two by Two

Simply stunning...

...and again!

Rolige Brae and Saven

Distant nunataks

Unnamed peak and Snowblade

Peter starting the descent

Al and Nigel on the way down



Peter and Mark descending the exposed section

Don't slip here!

Spot the Arctic Hare

Peter follows Al and Nigels tracks

Arctic Hare tracks

Heading back to camp

Blue skies arriving

Midnight sun strikes Arctic Guinea