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Day 1: Flying in

Boarding the Twin Otter in Akureyri

Al, Nigel and Julia: waiting to take off


On board the Twin Otter

Eyjaflordur and Dalvik

Eyjafjordur mountains

Eyjafjordur mountains

Eyjafjordur mountains

Sea Ice in Scoresbysund

Iceberg in Scoresbysund

Sea ice approaching Constable Point

Twin Otter at Constable Point

Gillian at Constable Point

First sight of Paul Stern Land

Paul Stern Land through the clouds

Coming in to land

Unloading Twin Otter

Large pile of kit

Twin Otter taxiing

Still taxiing...

About to take off

Taking off

Twin Otter flying away...

...into the distance

First meal (Peter, Gillian and Nigel)

First meal (Al and Julia)

Nigel testing the shotgun

Camp 1