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An Icecap Meditation

Gillian Duncan

Sit quietly, relax your mind and bring yourself into a still, peaceful, meditative state. Fill your heart with loving kindness and give thanks for the beauty of creation. Connect with the loving energy of Mother Earth and the spirits of the elements. Their nurturing energy flows into the depths of your soul and radiates from within you as a ceaseless light connecting you with all that is. You have a deep inner sense that all is well and that you are deeply connected with all that is.

Mother Earth now beckons you to go on a journey with her to bring thanks to a precious part of creation. Notice that the most exquisite snow flakes have started to swirl around you tenderly. See the delicate crystal formations and give thanks for their beauty. Now you feel yourself floating on the breath of Mother Earth as she carries you on the wind to the Greenland Icecap. Observe that you are standing on the vast, frozen plateau of the icecap. There are immense blue skies above, depths of ancient windswept ice below, endless expanse of glistening whiteness all around. The silence and purity engulf you. Look around and see the magnificence of this wonder of nature gargantuan icebergs, the midnight sun circling overhead, the spiralling glow of the aurora borealis, virgin mountainscapes and glorious ancient glaciers. The raw power of nature flows through you with freedom. Give thanks for these blessings on our planet. Give thanks for the unconditional love the icecap offers the planet, as your spirit soars with gratitude. Send thanks to the ice crystals for their power and light. As you continue to send thanks, the ice crystals grow stronger and stronger and bond in harmony and power, preserving the ice for the future. The arctic air is fresh and light, flowing with the gratitude you have created. The gratitude you have created is now merging with the gratitude created by every spirit, giving thanks for the assistance the icecap gives to us and our planet. The ice crystals grow stronger and stronger as they absorb the love you are sending and they bond in harmony and strength preserving the ice for the future. Hear the sound of OM, the universal sound of creation, reverberating through the ice crystals, echoing from the mountains and resonating through every cell of your being. You now feel very light and free, and know that every time you think of the Greenland Icecap with gratitude the ice crystals will absorb your love, preserving the ice for the future.

Mother Earth now carries you home on the wind. As you give thanks to Mother Earth for the beauty of creation, she gives you an exquisite snow crystal for you to nurture with unconditional love. Resolve to take care of creation in all of your thoughts and actions sending as much light as you can as often as you can to the magnificence of the natural world. Become more and more aware of your breath and the noises around you. Ground yourself fully and give thanks for the powerful being you are.